Acute Bronchitis - Acute Bronchitis
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  • The Chronic Cough in Chronic Bronchitis
    The chronic bronchitis appears as an inflammatory damage of the bronchial tree due to an untreated acute bronchitis or due to chronicle smoking.
  • How To Diagnose Chronic Bronchitis
    While acute bronchitis lasts for a short time and is chiefly caused by bacterial or viral infection, chronic bronchitis lasts much longer.
  • Bronchitis- Acute Bronchitis
    This condition, bronchitis can be of two types: acute bronchitis or chronic bronchitis.
  • Bronchitis In Children - 20 Must Know Facts For Parents
    Therefore, the ailment of acute bronchitis is most oft acquired by the air the child breathes.
  • Chronic Bronchitis Natural Treatment Options
    Cayenne peppers have long been recorded as combatants of the symptoms of chronic bronchitis as well as acute bronchitis.
  • Acute Asthmatic Bronchitis
    One type of bronchitis is called acute bronchitis where it is considered to be a short-term bronchitis and can be treated right away.
  • The Bronchial Respiratory Disease
    If not treated in time, acute bronchitis gives complications like chronicisation, asthmatic bronchitis; most dangerous are cases in children, newborns or adults suffering from emphysema.
  • Things About Bronchitis
    Another acute bronchitis cause is allergens or chemical agents.
  • Chronic And Acute Bronchitis Symptoms - Easy Tips To Identify The Two
    Be aware of your body and look out for the following symptoms that accompany acute bronchitis.
  • How to treat bronchitis
    Disease usually causes acute bronchitis and it can either be viral or bacterial.
  • What Are the Real Causes of Bronchitis?
    There are a fair number of normal viruses that can bring on acute bronchitis.
  • Preventing Acute Bronchitis - 11 Easy Tips
    Bronchitis is of two kinds depending on the time it lasts for in the body - Acute bronchitis lasts for only 10-12 days.
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